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Personal Climb back to Health after breast cancer

by FFME Pays de la Loire

The sport and health breast cancer project proposes to women in remission to participate in a regular session supervised by an educator

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Health benefits of sport and physical activity : "personal climb back to Health after cancer"

Context  and problematic :  

   There is a large body of scientific evidence which supports the positive effects of sport and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. The positive, direct effects of engaging in regular physical activity are particularly apparent in the prevention of several chronic diseases, including : cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis.

          Sport is also one of the levers of "4P" medicine :é


Project description :

   The “Sport and Health” topic is very large, as can be seen in a very significant pathology, breast cancer.

   FFME League ( launched a Sport & Health Cancer pilot project in Nov, 2014. See below the outline of this "climbing“ idea :

   Women are increasingly likely to resume or start a sporting activity after cancer, and among them, women with breast cancer. The regular practice of an activity is well established and is a factor in improving the tolerance of the treatment and better compliance protocols.

  The most frequently recommended sports are those that combine stretching and moderate muscular work.

First results :

   Early results show that women have made enormous gains in shoulder amplitudes due to this activity. The program also improves grip strength. Monitoring BMI (Body Mass Index) is also very important and highly predictive of relapse and recurrence rates.

Value proposition :

     Contrary to what one might think, the practice of moderate exercise restores energy and helps reduce some side effects. However, the contribution of sport in the treatments does not stop there. It improves the quality of life, reduces side effects and treatment toxicity, and increases the survival rate of patients ...

    The regular exercise alters the functioning of our metabolism and helps in particular to reduce estrogen levels, hormones involved in the cancer cells proliferation. Once the patient is in remission, regular physical activity reduces the risk of recurrence by 50% for the top three cancers (breast, colon and prostate), as well as reducing tiredness and facilitating the return to social and family life.

    Benefits are also psychological, practicing sport favours a re-evaluation of body image, a return of self-confidence, reconciliation with a changed body shape, a better self-esteem and contributes to the fight against isolation.




But we still have a long way to go, including to propose this project to all the 1000 FFME clubs in France.

Since Nov. 2014, we offer every Monday a sport and health activity at the SUAPS in Nantes.
Action in progress in the "Pays de la Loire", we have other projects: Nantes south, Blain (44), Avrillé (49) and Cholet (49)

We are currently looking for new partners to help FFME "Pays de la Loire" to initiate an action "fitness" cancer in their area and fund the salary of the supervisor (30 sessions/year, 1h15min. 30 € /h =  1,125 € per  year for one project, a total of 2, 250 € for 2 projects).

   Note that this action is part of the Regional Sport & Health Plan Wellness in "Pays de la Loire" :

   Finally take the time to read two articles : in-the-femmes_5023843_1651302.html

   "The world community can not continue to ignore the problem, hundreds of thousands of women die needlessly each year"


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