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Roster Softball Féminin 2017

Women's Softball : Rennes in French national league !

by Rennes Redwings

Help the women's team of softball of Rennes to play in the French national league (N1) !

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Our history

For three years now, the women’s softball team from Rennes has been playing in the French national league (N1). Softball is a sport similar to baseball. In France, there are women’s, men’s and co-ed teams. During the first two years, we were able to create a team thanks to a union between two clubs, the Redwings from Rennes and the Mariners from Nantes. This year, we will be playing under one team name, the Redwings.


In 2015, thanks to our first Crowdfunding, we were able to begin our adventure in the French national league. After a second place finish in 2015 and fourth place in 2016, we are excited to start a new season in 2017.

A female sport in France

Most of us started softball by playing co-ed in regional and national leagues. The discovery of a new way of playing, and a 100% feminine team and competition spirit was an important experience for all of us. A lot of the players gained confidence in themselves, allowing to face the new challenges of the game.

Who we are ?

Our team

The team is composed of 14 players and two coaches. Coming from diverse backgrounds and experience, our group has developed a real team spirit. What we sure have in common is our passion for softball. We have been preparing this season with enthusiasm. Brittany does not have a women’s league, so the national league is our only opportunity to play.

Our club - The Rennes’ Redwings

Our club, the Rennes’ Redwings, will celebrate its 30 years this year and gather more than 180 members around two sports: baseball and softball. In 2016, the Redwings were one of the first clubs in France regarding their number of women members, youth and adult comprised. In 2017, the president of our club, Fabienne Duhoux and our secretary François Dulphy, have been elected to the executive comity of the French Federation of Baseball and Softball.


Year after year, the French national league has developed and grown so that for 2017, there are now two pools and an extra weekend of games (going from 2 weekends to 3).
This year we will travel to Evry (91), Metz (57), and Bron (69) which are all far from Brittany. These changes to the season mean an increase in budget. Despite the help from our club and the department, each placer must still pay her own way. We hope to decrease the individual costs of each player with your help, so that money isn’t a reason not to play.


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