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Objective KAEM 2017 (Kalahari extreme marathon)

by Pierre DELALEAU

My project is to participate to the Kalahari extreme marathon (KAEM 2017) and support a project of school construction in Uganda

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Kahalari desert (South Africa)


My project aims at participating to the Kalahari extreme marathon.

The budget evaluation, and the event preparation is described below. I support also a project from a friend who is living in Uganda and aims at building a school near Ibanda (

Who am I ?

Pierre DELALEAU : 33 year old, Material engineer.


My performances :

  • Marathon : Paris, Route du Louvre.
  • Ecotrail de Paris 80 kms (1500 m de dénivelé),
  • Geiranger Half marathon in Norway (1500 m de dénivelé)
  • 4 rivers path (Crossing South Korea by bike – 630 kms)
  • Mont Blanc ascent

  What is KAEM ?

The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (KAEM) is an adventurous and extreme, multi-stage marathon held annually in October in the breath-taking landscape of South Africa’s “Green Kalahari”.  Founded in the year 2000, KAEM is now in its 18th year.

This extreme sports event is a 7 day, 6 stage, self-sufficient foot race, covering an approximate total distance of 250km. Known as the ‘Big Daddy’ in the South African running fraternity, KAEM is one of the most respected extreme multi-stage marathons on the International Trail Running calendar.


KAEM takes place in the Kalahari Desert in the proximity of the Augrabies Falls on the Orange River. The route traverses the Augrabies Falls National Park, Daberas as well as private farmlands. This unique and contrasting environment with average day temperatures reaching in excess of 40 degrees Celsius and dropping to below 5 degrees Celsius at night presents a daunting challenge to the extreme athlete and determined adventurer alike.



  • Registration : 2000 euros/ person
  • Equipment (compulsory equipment with survival gear): 500 euros /person
  • Food for the race (7 days) : 400 euros/ person
  • Transportation : 1000 euros /person

Budget is roughly 4000 euros /person.

Why you should support me ?

  • I promise to promote the supporters during my preparation and the race by different actions:
    • wear the supporters sign on my race clothes;
    • perform a video with supporters promotion;
    • write articles of the different race stages.
  • The satisfaction of participating in a world-renowned course while helping ecological and humanitarian actions (construction of a school in Uganda)
  • A sum of 1500 euros is targeted: one part (500 euros ) for the race equipment and the other (1000 euros) will be paid to the school construction Uganda.


An objective of 1500 euros has been fixed but given the task scale , we hope that the mobilization will be great and we dream of reaching 200% and why not the 300%!
To live a race in an hostile environment and to open the school paths: these will be the objectives.
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For 10 € and more 11 supporters

Thanks and news
News on fosburit

Date and method of delivery
November 2017 / Hand delivery
For 20 € and more 23 supporters

Articles about the race stages
I will write articles (7 days of the race). In total, I want to write 10 artciles (one to explain the race preparation, 1 for the arrival in South Africa, 7 for the different stages and one for the conclusion)

Date and method of delivery
November 2017 / Hand delivery
For 50 € and more 15 supporters

Post card
I will send you a postcard with personnal message.

Date and method of delivery
November 2017 / Ships to unrestricted destination
For 50 € and more 2 supporters

Similar to the articles but in video.

Date and method of delivery
November 2017 / Hand delivery
For 50 € and more 2 supporters

Dedicated photo
Choose a photo and I will dedicate it

Date and method of delivery
November 2017 / Ships to unrestricted destination
For 200 € and more

Sharing time
A moment to share the experience. I will show you the race video and comment it with all the anecdotes.

Date and method of delivery
December 2017 / Hand delivery
For 250 € and more
Disponibility : 4

Your advertising on my outfits
If you think that my project matches with your company, I promise to convey your logo that will be apparent on my outfits and will be prominent at the level of the participants, the spectators but also the media. We can study together the means of communication best suited to your company activity.

Date and method of delivery
November 2017 / Hand delivery