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On the way to the Major League Baseball in the United States


Participate in the training camp and preparation phase of Major League Baseball teams in the USA.

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300 €




13 Days


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France-Etats unis-Cuba-Canada-Japon

Originally from the Caribbean, my name is Travis Thomas. Curious about everything and open to the world around me, I already have several entrepreneurial adventures to my credit. My relatives consider me to be more of a self-taught, all-rounder. As far as I'm concerned, I'm an ex-military, artist and composer. Before joining the army, where I was team leader of 45 volunteers during my initial training, I participated in talent competitions and invented and patented several devices in a wide variety of fields. At the end of my years of service, I decided to change my orientation in order to concentrate fully on my life project and my destiny. As an accomplished athlete who is always on the lookout for emerging trends, the idea of playing high performance sport was born during a trip to Los Angeles where I discovered baseball. I then undertook a trip to the Dominican Republic and Cuba to learn the basics of the sport.

After this wonderful trip to Los Angeles, I went to the Dominican Republic for two months. When I arrived, I thought I would have a simple presentation of the academy. But instead, I found myself in an abdominal session from the very first hours I spent on Dominican territory. It doesn't matter, because it's a waste of time for this country, I met extraordinary people, cultures and music and cities that were moving on the rhythm of  batchata. I also saw children for whom baseball was almost a religion. By the way, you can see below, a special photo for me. It was the first game of my life, we were in Juan Dolio and I was waiting for my turn at Bat

Cuba HHHaaaaaa Cuba !

I went to Cuba to perfect the techniques I learned during my stay in the Dominican Republic: throwing, catching, hitting, running, hitting, stealing bases and pitching.

Cuba, a country of dance and a cornerstone of the international influence of baseball, is a destination that will remain forever engraved in my memory. Indeed, the journey itself was an exciting adventure. It was a long and painful learning experience, but it was also delicious to hear the sound of the ball on the bat singing like ta  trumpet in the stadium.


Purpose of the project

I created this project with the objective of raising enough money to make a documentary that immerses the audience in the world of baseball by retracing the journey of a rising baseball star. The director Latif Boukari convinced me to let him follow me for 3 months. During my physical preparation for the Major Leagues, we thought about making this documentary as a collective work experience. Our project is to bring together a large community around this film. By involving you in the creative process, we want above all to provide a collective experience for those who are passionate about baseball and sport.

Equipment to carry out the project

To make this documentary, we need equipment that will allow us to make the technical choices that meet the aesthetic and artistic requirements that we have set for ourselves. The challenge is to articulate improvised scenes from our journey (encounters, landscapes, adventures...) and scenes shot with the interviewees.

We will film ourselves regularly in our daily lives, from a technical point of view our equipment must therefore be easily accessible and usable.

On the other hand, we want to highlight the beauty of the places and people we will meet. A drone will allow us to take a height and offer another perspective on Travis' life and training. Light travellings and slowed motion images will reinforce this contemplative aesthetic necessary for the narrative of the film.

Sound will be an essential component of our documentary, aware that the sound environment sometimes tells more than images. Apart from the ambient sounds, our voices will accompany the story. These voice-overs will allow the audience to immerse themselves in the intimacy of the experience. They will also act as a link between the "travel diary" parts and the subjects filmed at the end of each trip.

The music will be recorded  on the Go according to the countries and encounters we make. without forcing  on the cliché of local music


This project requires a total budget of 10'000€.

But we have set a minimum budget of 3'000€ in order to allow the project to come the life .

Thank you in advance:)

Filming, we know that technical means partly define the quality of the film. We have the obligation to carry light and compact equipment for travel without compromising the requirements of professional work. After several tests, we decided to take with us:

-1 Lumix GH5 camera equipped with 2 Panasonic lenses: 12-35 F2.8 II + 35-100 F2.8 2299€
-1 Fuji X100F camera with fixed optics 35mm 1500€
-1 action camera 356€
-1 Mavic Pro UAV 700€
-1 Rod Videomic Pro Plus Kit with windshield 400€
-1 Sennheiser HF microphone 200€
-1 zoom H4N 356€
-1 foot with video swivel 400€
-1 Zhiyun Crane stabilizer 395€
For a total of €8406 of audiovisual equipment.

To this end, we still have to provide 1000 € of equipment for all travel expenses during our adventure:

A small tent and sleeping bag if you plan to camp during your trip
A few T-shirts / pants / socks / underwear (2-3 outfits and 5-6 underwear should be sufficient)
First aid kit (disinfectant, bandages, survival blanket, small scissors)
Toiletries kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant or antiperspirant, soap)
Smartphone or fairly recent tablet (useful for installing many travel applications)
A towel / jersey
A small basic pharmacy (antibiotics, paracetamol, sunscreen, repellent for mosquitoes, to be completed according to your destinations with local risks)
A universal adapter for electrical plugs
A small whiteboard with erasable marker or a small slate to be able to write your destinations by hitchhiking or drawing to make yourself understood everywhere
An action camera type GoPro
A laptop computer, only if you have to work while travelling or if you keep a blog
A padlock, preferably with a code to avoid losing your keys
A dynamo flashlight so you'll never run out of light wherever you are
Handkerchiefs and / or toilet paper
Additional batteries for each electrical equipment and SD or Micro-SD cards
A solar charger for those planning long, isolated trips
A lighter and a Swiss Army knife (it can still be used)
For winter: A good coat, warm gloves, hat, scarf
Freezer bags to put small equipment that is afraid of rain in a safe place
Of course, he also doesn't forget the baseball equipment that we estimated at 774€.

Glove(s) 89€
Bag for Bat. 45€
Striking gloves. 35€
Batter's helmet. 30€
Baseballs 100€
Receiver equipment. 195€
Dirty laundry bag. 20€
A change of clothes. 50€
Additional socks 10€
Facial mask. 30€
Gum. 20€
Hat / Visor.slides / Sandals. 50€
Uniform. 100€

We thank you in advance for your precious help and generosity whose only purpose is to allow us to realize our dream!

This project is subject to the "all or nothing" principle. Indeed, if the 3 000€ objective is not reached, all donations will be refunded to the contributors. On the other hand, When the objective is achieved, we will be able to realize our dream! That's why, there is no small contribution and every support is important.


we thanks you i may GOD BLESS you !



rewards Haut de page
For 10 € and more 1 supporter

Thank you
Your name in the credits In addition to our sincere gratitude for the support given to this project, be part of the film with your name in the credits!

Date and method of delivery
July 2019 / Ships to unrestricted destination
Amount of your support
For 20 € and more
Disponibility : 10

Sweatears BAT & BANDO Femme
Women's BAT & BANDO Sweater, Solid Sweater Sweaters and Sweaters Women's Short Long Sleeve Sweaters.

Date and method of delivery
August 2019 / Ships to unrestricted destination
Amount of your support
For 25 € and more
Disponibility : 10

Man's BAT & BANDO T-shirt
T-shirt by BAT & BANDO To be worn during the day Neck shave Long sleeves Front pattern Destination MLB LION Unique Model Classic cut All you have to do is tell us your usual size.

Date and method of delivery
August 2019 / Ships to unrestricted destination
Amount of your support
For 40 € and more 1 supporter
Disponibility : 14 / 15

Baseball cap BAT & BANDO UNIQUE
The UNIQUE Baseball cap " handmade signed by Travis and Latif - Embroidered logo - Size: adjustable - - Made of Cotton, Polyester - - The perfect gift for fans and players -

Date and method of delivery
August 2019 / Ships to unrestricted destination
Amount of your support
For 60 € and more

AUTOGRAPHED ball by Travis
Receive a signed ball by my hand at your home.

Date and method of delivery
September 2019 / Ships to unrestricted destination
Amount of your support
For 100 € and more
Disponibility : 5

BAT & BANDO bag Lion Unique + previous counterpart
Practical and lightweight, the BANDO bag is a casual style duffel bag. This zipped model can be worn by hand or on the shoulder with its cotton handles and removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Its rounded and flexible format makes it ideal for sports or short trips.

Date and method of delivery
September 2019 / Ships to unrestricted destination
Amount of your support
For 150 € and more

Private Baseball Lessons with Me
I propose you exercises of progression. Each batter will learn to control his body while obtaining a solid foundation in order to learn how to perform the movements necessary to hit home runs in a Major League style training.

Date and method of delivery
September 2019 / Hand delivery
Amount of your support
For 250 € and more 1 supporter

Digital download of the FINAL film + all previous counterpar
Digital download of the film Receive a digital download of the film signed by the director, which we hope you will share with your family and friends to help amplify the story of this sportsman.

Date and method of delivery
August 2019 / Ships to unrestricted destination
Amount of your support
For 300 € and more
Disponibility : 5

Photo book + private dinner with the production team + 2 tic
Lunch with the production team Get the full story behind the scenes and all the answers to your questions at a private dinner with the production team. Must be in the bay area.

Date and method of delivery
August 2019 / Hand delivery
Amount of your support
For 500 € and more
Disponibility : 5

(Entreprise PRO) manufacture of a craft Bat + private lesson
You will have a superior quality wooden bat. The bat will be worked by wood specialists from African regions where the wood is abundant and of first quality. The employees cut, shave and sand the wood into billets, the cylindrical pieces of wood that will become bats. The billets are dried in an oven for 14 days and stored in a humidity controlled room until orders arrive. They are then tested to ensure that the wood grain is straight enough to meet MLB standards. Finally, the bat is sprinkled with a finish. A secret formula developed by the craftsmen, who give each piece a unique look before shipping. Perfect for companies or a unique gift to an employee or family member. Weight distribution : Balanced. Style button: Standard cone. Transition from handle to barrel: Regular. Thickness of the handle: Thin (.920). Thickness and size of the barrel: Moderate (2,500).

Date and method of delivery
August 2019 / Hand delivery
Amount of your support