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World ChessBoxing Championships!

by Thomas Cazeneuve

Come and live my dream with me in India to represent France and win the world chessboxing championship!

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Kolkata, India

Hi everyone!

I am writing these few lines because I want to realize my dream: to become the world Chessboxing champion!

Yes Yes chessboxing! It's a hybrid sport mixing boxing and chess! Here is a short video to present the concept!

To summarize, we alternate 3 minutes of chess and 3 minutes of boxing with one minute rest until knockout or checkmate!

I discovered this sport a few years ago and I thought it was my chance to become world champion! I practice chess since the age of 4 and started fighting at the age of 15. I know it's in my blood!

For the first time in the young history of Chessboxing, a world tournament will take place in Kolkata, India, between April 11th and 16th ... I intend to go there and win it in the -66kg category (I'm 1m75).
I am currently undefeated with 4 wins in 4 fights in the world of chessboxing!

Having no sponsor (still searching but none chessboxing fighter has gotten sponsorship so far) you are my hope!

I will make sure to do some facebook live for example so you can follow the fights and I will also keep you informed of all that happens!



To achieve this goal I need 1300 euros.

Indeed, having already a substantial student loan to pay my studies in business school (-55,000 euros), I can not insure this travel at my own expense!

I have evaluated this dream:

Return flight tickets: 870 euros
Return by taxi from the airport to the hotel: 40 euros

Cost of living:
Hotel for competitors + breakfast: 50 euros / day
Complementary food competitors: 15 euros / day
Knowing that I will arrive on the 1th : 6x (50 + 15) = 390 euros

There will be other expenses such as passport, vaccine or website commission but I will cover them.

I will never be thankful enough for all the people who will help me realize this dream, and I promise not to return without the belt!


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For 10 € and more 9 supporters

Special Thanks!
A big thanks for your support! I will mention you on the acknowledgement video that I will create and I will also send you a personalized email! (no matter the amount of your giving I will never thank you enough, I would have wanted to start with 1 euro but 10 is the lowest).

Date and method of delivery
April 2017 / Ships to unrestricted destination
For 30 € and more 14 supporters

Again, a huge thanks! You will be in all my thankful posts and I will also send you a postcard from Calcutta with my most sincere thanks!

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April 2017 / Ships to unrestricted destination
For 60 € and more 4 supporters

Personalized memories!
A huge thank you! In addition to the previous thank you and a postcard, I will send you photos and videos of the whole tournament with a bonus photo signed when I become champion!

Date and method of delivery
April 2017 / Ships to unrestricted destination
For 110 € and more 5 supporters

Special gift!
In addition to all the acknowledgments listed above, you will have my eternal gratitude and a surprise gift from India!

Date and method of delivery
April 2017 / Ships to unrestricted destination
For 180 € and more 2 supporters

Given that I am working for the sncf (national French train company), I am able to move freely in France! So if you live in the country, I will come to thank you in person and teach you how to play Chess as well as the basics of boxing! And why not a demonstration of chessboxing with you!

Date and method of delivery
April 2017 / Hand delivery