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Help Lisa Wermeister to compete into the PWA wave 2020 tour


Help 13-year-old Lisa participate in two stages of the Professional Wave Windsurfing World Cup in 2020.

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Who is Lisa Wermeister?



My name is Lisa, I'm 13 years old. I learned windsurfing during regular stays in Guadeloupe from the age of 7. My parents are passionate about sliding sports. My mother was a French wave champion and my father has a composite repair shop. Both of them have chosen to transmit their passion for the ocean to me, by moving permanently to Guadeloupe in the summer of 2015.

Since then, my relationship with the sea and the wave has continued to grow. Any undulation or gust of wind is only a pretext to reach the ocean.

I practice windsurfing in competition and surfing in leisure.


1st participation in the PWA Wave World Championship in Tenerife in 2019

2nd at the World Wave Championship in under 15 years (PWA girls under 15)

17th at the PWA pro women world championship in Tenerife


2019- 1st U17 at the Guadeloupe championship

2019- 1st woman in wave at the C fun Party in Guadeloupe

2018- 1st U15 in wave at the Caribbean Windsurf Contest in Guadeloupe

2018/2017/2016 1st U15 at the Challenge Kiddy Tour de la Guadeloupe




I am now 13 years old and since I participated last summer at the PWA World Wave Championships in Tenerife, I now know that this sporting path motivates me to the highest degree. Having been the youngest French girl to participate in a wave world cup stage, I would like to take advantage of this lead and participate next year in 2 stages of the PWA wave tour. This would allow me to progress thanks to the variety of spots offered by the tour and to aim for a world title for girls under 15 years old and a top 10 for pro women.

Thanks to your support, I will be able to participate in 2 PWA stages and start building my future professional career.


The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) represents WINDSURF excellence. Its current and past members are the best windsurfers in the world. The PWA, represents the sport at the highest level of competition. It organizes professional events on the three disciplines of windsurfing: slalom, freestyle and wave. At the end of each year, it awards world titles in each of the disciplines.


Having been lucky enough to be selected to compete in my first World Cup stage at 13 years old and to compete with my elders is truly exceptional.

Also, the project I am submitting to you is really out of the ordinary and I need you to help me achieve it. Going higher and further is a dream I would like to live and share with you.

The PWA adventure is an incredible experience and a real challenge for a windsurfer. The level is very high, the competition will be tough but I intend to take up the challenge by training with my coach to prepare for this exciting season.

It is also a substantial budget, the budget for "air transport" is very important, especially since my starting point is Guadeloupe and as a minor I must be accompanied.

Travel will be made one to two weeks before the competitions to allow me to adapt as well as possible to the sailing conditions and to catch up on the time difference, so the accommodation may be quite expensive. On the other hand, I have to travel with several quivers of equipment to be ready for all types of conditions, which results in additional luggage costs. The registration fees for the competitions are also to be taken into account.

Dates and locations of each stage:

  • July - Gran Canaria Pozo (Canary Islands): 1st stage PWA pro women and 2nd stage of the World Junior Wave Championship
  • August - Tenerife (Canary Islands): 2nd PWA pro women and 3rd stage of the World Junior Wave Championship

    Although the stages are almost a year away, running a campaign as soon as possible allows me to book flight tickets or rental car in advance and thus reduce my costs as much as possible!


We worked on the budget necessary to carry out my project:

Transport (plane): 2800 euros approximately

Registration to the competitions: 300 euros

Additional luggage costs (transport of the boards): 200 euros

Travel (car rental in particular): 800 euros approximately

Accommodation (2 months): 1400 euros approximately

Miscellaneous (photos and videos): 300 euros

TOTAL BUDGET: 5800 euros

Thanks to the help of my family and sponsors I have already raised the budget for the purchase of the sports equipment I will need for this competitive season. Budget which represents with discount from my sponsors: 8500 euros only for the equipment (boards, sails, masts, booms, booms, extensions, fins, harnesses, suits...)

Having taken a step to the top, I feel that this step is important in my career as a future professional windsurfer. I will be 14 years old at the end of the year, now is the time to do it.

I need you to make this project a reality, which is also a dream.

The road is long and expensive for sports like ours, and especially when you live far from the world competition circuit, making early flight reservations is a little cheaper.

Also, I thank in advance all those who will allow me to progress a little further towards my goal!


Like most participatory fundraising campaigns, the "all-or-nothing" principle applies.

If I do not succeed in meeting the 5800 € target before the end of the collection, I will not receive anything and all contributors will be reimbursed!

Conversely, once the sum has been reached, there is no upper limit.

Thank you!


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For 10 € and more 11 supporters

Thanks by email to each of the participants
A big thank you to each participant for helping me realize my World Cup project. I am very happy and thanks to you I smile and the dream can come true!

Date and method of delivery
January 2020 / Hand delivery
Amount of your support
For 30 € and more 16 supporters

Personalized thanks on my networks
My personalized thanks on my instagram networks @girlonthereef_f293 and facebook @Lisa Wermeister F293, as well as a signed photo.

Date and method of delivery
January 2020 / Ships to unrestricted destination
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For 50 € and more 28 supporters

A Thank you video
A short video on the place where I train to thank you. Sending by email or whatsapp!

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January 2020 / Hand delivery
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For 100 € and more 18 supporters

One of my most beautiful large format photos
I will send you a signed large format photo as a souvenir, sending you all my good vibes!

Date and method of delivery
January 2020 / Hand delivery
Amount of your support
For 200 € and more 4 supporters

We're going to sail!
I propose a 2-hour windsurfing session, followed by a picnic on the spot. Come and meet me in Guadeloupe! (when you want and especially when I'm here!).

Date and method of delivery
January 2020 / Hand delivery
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For 500 € and more

Your name on my sails
You are one of my main supporters, I suggest that you include your name or brand on my sails.

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January 2020 / Hand delivery
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